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We are a privately owned, independent jewelry store serving Naperville and surrounding cities since 1990. That was actually 3 years before the Internet was born! The business model we began with of “ trust , integrity, and exceptional customer service” has never been compromised through the years. 

What has changed? Computers, cell phones, technology, advancements in science, and all these have helped us be more efficient and only enhanced our original ways of doing business; by helping us communicate instantly with our manufacturers, suppliers, and customers.

In 2012 we joined “Preferred Jewelers International” which is a group of the best jewelers in the country and now offer a FREE Nationwide Lifetime Warranty on your jewelry purchases. No games! No BS. Move out of state? There will be someone there to honor your warranty without having to ship it back!

One of the greatest advancements we have experienced is the CAD (Computer Aided Design) software which we use continuously. We can literally create a ring from an online photo, sketch, or a combination of two or three rings.

The newest technological breakthrough is the long awaited perfecting of the laboratory grown diamond where they begin with a natural mined diamond seed and create an outstanding diamond, using high pressure and high heat, just as real as diamonds mined from the earth, at prices 30-50% less. 

So with over 80 years of expertise on staff, an in-house goldsmith, a nationwide lifetime warranty, the winner of Best Jeweler in Naperville 5 years in a row, we feel it’s the best jewelry experience you will have and we would be honored to serve you.

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