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Hello Everyone!...Urgent message

One thing we hate asking for is a favor. We're bad at asking, and have major problems receiving things like presents and gifts! We love giving...nothing makes us happier! :) 

We need a HUGE favor! We are going for a record "4 Years in a Row" with this years 2017 Best of Naperville Award. The competition is fierce and as in anything, people want to take down the "champ". We truly have worked so hard on making every experience the absolute best for people, and our reviews across the board demonstrate that.

HOWEVER.....In this day and age of social media, it is real voting that will win this! Numbers matter! Please click on the link or the image below, we would seriously truly appreciate your vote so much!

Voting in 5 Easy Steps:

  • Type in your email address (you can even vote with all emails)

  • Scroll down to find "Jeweler" under the Shopping and Retail category.

  • Type in "The Diamond Gallery"

  • Vote for your other favorite businesses in Naperville

  • Click Submit! :) 

Voting Ends June 15th. 

Thank you in advance! Thank you also to all of our loyal customers! We greatly appreciate all of you!

Kevin & Jackie
Owners of The Diamond Gallery


Vote Here

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