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August Birthstone "Gem of the Sun"

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Quick Facts about Peridot!

  • According to the Diamond Council of America and old legends, prospectors used to look for peridot at night and located crystals by their glow! It's believed that its magical attributes are that of the power to attract wealth and drive away evil. 
  • It is the gem for the 16th wedding anniversary.
  • Its color can range from a very light pastel green to dark greenish yellow, and as far as shape it can be made into very different styles!
  • Its color is caused by iron.
  • According to the Diamond Council of America, its Geology is that it crystallizes from melted rock material about 20 to 50 miles inside the earth, and is later carried to the surface by a volcanic eruption.

Below are some of our favorite Peridot pieces of jewelry! 

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